Delmon Chemical Industries

Delmon Chemical Industries is a new venture, involved in manufacturing and supply of detergents, cleaning chemicals, water treatments and specialty chemicals.

Speciality Chemicals



We are a prominent manufacturing company committed to manufacturing and promoting high specification high quality products to provide waterproofing solutions, industrial adhesives, products for thermal insulations, construction chemicals, polymer emulsions, specialty coatings etc. As a business policy, we are fully dedicated to achieve very high levels of customer satisfaction by providing products and services which makes us second to none in the global village market of specialty products. Our products, services and manufacturing is strongly supported by prudent research and development department which is fully equipped with comprehensive range of facilities and testing equipments. Our quality assurance systems, well equipped manufacturing equipments and highly trained and motivated industry professionals ensures the timely availability of highly consistent and reliable products and services all around the world at globally competitive market terms.


  1. 1
    Roofshield Hi Build Superior water proof coating for concerete, metal, wooden roofs and other subtrates – Meets ASTM D 6083
    Durashield Heavy duty waterproof coating for wet area and other submerged application – Meets ASTM D 6083
    Foamshield Heavy duty durable waterproof coating for the protection of spray applied PU Foam
    Roofshield Heavy duty waterproof coating for concrete, metal, wooden roofs and other substrates – Meets ASTM D 6083
    Roofplast Superior Eleastomeric Waterproof Coating
    Elastoroof High Quality Elastomeric Waterproof Coating
  2. 2
    Lagseal DELLAG LA 3-36   –  Lag Seal Insulation Protection CoatingDELLAG LA 65 AF  –  Anti Fungal Insulation Protection Coating
    HVAC Adhesives
    DELFIX 8-10  –  Premium Duct Liner AdhesiveDELFIX 8-65  –  Premium Quality Duct Liner Adhesive
    Duct Sealants
    DELSEAL 3-17  –  Superior Fibrated Duct Sealant
    Vapor Barrier Coatings
    DELVAP VB 3-80   –   Vapro Barrier Insulation CoatingDELVAP VB 3-85 AF  –  Anti Fungal Vapor Barrier Insualtion Coating
    Insulation Adhesives
    DELFIX 8-60  –  Superior Quality Adhesive for Rigid Foam Insulations
  3. 3
    Tile Fixing Adhesives
    DELMON TILEFIX PREMIUM   –   Premium quality high strength tile adhesiveDELMON TILEFIX DURABOND – Superior quality high strengh tile adhesiveDELMON TILEFIX SUPER  –  High quality modified tile adhesive
    Tile Grouts
    DELMON TILEGROUT PREMIUM  –  Premium quality tile grout in various shades
    Wall Putty
    DELMON PUTTY PREMIUM WR  –  Premium quality putty & fair coat
    Crack Filler
    DELMON CRACK FILLER – Premium Crack Filler
    Plaster Mix
    DELMON PLASTIERMIX  –  Premium quality water resistant premixed plaster
  4. 4
    Superior Multi Purpose Bonding Agent
    Premium Multi Purpose SBR Bonding Agent
    hIGH QUALITY Multi Purpose Bonding Agent
  5. 5

    Different type of polymer emulsions for various adhesive and construction chemical applications

    • DELPOL 6150
    • DELPOL 6244
    • DELPOL 6204
  6. 6

    Wide range of industrial adhesives for various packaging, paper core, construction and manufacturing applications

Delmon Chemical Ind. Factory (Detergents Division)

detergantsDelmon Chemical Ind. Is specialized in manufacturing high quality products for our valued customers.

Delmon Chemical Ind., A manufacturer & Distributor of Industrial Chemicals, Institutional & Specialty chemicals, Household chemical products, cleaners Sanitizer, disinfectants, Detergents, Laundry Chemicals and water treatment chemicals & Service.


  • House Keeping
  • Kitchen Catering
  • Laundry Products
  • Food Industry
  • Metal Industry
  • Service Stations
  • Plastic Industry
  • Water Treatment (Boiler / Cooling Tower)
  • Portable/Waste Water Treatment

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Quality Policy
Delmon Chemical Industries factory supplies all products in accordance with the industrial standards, technical terms of delivery and other agreements specified in the agreement of order.

Quality Control
Equipped with fully fledged quality control laboratory having all modernized equipments and excellent chemists and chemical engineers with a keen interest on ensuring best quality products only leaves the shop floor to the factory ware house and delivered to customer.

Efficient fleet service to cater to the immediate delivery requirement in and out of the kingdom in no time.


Delmon Chemical Industries
Specialty Chemicals Division,
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Dammam – 31452,
Saudi Arabia.

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