Delmon Salt Factory

Delmon Salt Factory
Delmon salt which follows quality system of ISO 9001-2000 is ont of the fastest growing manufacturer/supplier of industrial salt in Middle East. The company was founded on the principal of quality value and customer services. We are passionate about our product and dedicated to providing to complete customer satisfaction.

Delmon Salt is among the few mining companies that offers comprehensive facilities under a single roof. Our proximity to ports and the fact that we own our own transport and fleet of ships give us the competitive edge in today’s market place where costs and time are of the essence of success.

Delmon Salt Factory Co. is the quality and reliable salt producer/manufacturers and operates the salt mine in Qurraya in Eastern Province of Saudi Arabia since 2001 which is a part of Delmon Group. Delmon Salt Factory Co. a manufacturer of different grades of Salt for the Industrial sector has been started within our present range of activities. It is accessible to all major industrial areas where we can meet and cater to any demand for any grade of raw or pure salt since we have setup a manufacturing facility.

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Our mission is to provide quality products on a consistent basis

We learned that one of the biggest challenges is to keep consistency in the quality of products. Having our own facility gives ys total control of our products starting by having scouts at the mines to ensure best quality of Delmon Salt, hiring of most talented local artisans implementing layers of quality assurance steps and finally assembling and packing.

The phrase ‘innovate or die’ is not an exaggeration in today’s fiercely completive environment where every day you have new initiatives and the rate of obsolete technologies keep increasing. At Delmon Salt we have since our inception recognized the importance of knowledge and innovation. Over the years we have worked with specialists across the world to ensure our products not just meet but surpass the most stringent quality controls. Our knowledge and Innovation Centre and our technological synergies with associate across the world keep us continually in the forefront.

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