Jibal Advertisements


One of the leading advertising company in Saudi Arabia, executing different media advertisement projects such as directories, bills, electronic signboards, ads etc.

Jibal Advertising & Publicity is registered under Number: 2050032636 (issued in Dammam) established in 1408H and is regarded as one of the Al-Ghunaim Group of Companies.

Jibal started its operation in the Eastern Province, but with our big ambitions and our knowledge of the market during that time and together with our Marketing and Administration Staff, we started to progress until we became one of the promoted and known firms in the field of advertising covering our branches in Riyadh, Dammam, Jeddah, Al-Madinah, and our agents in the Gulf area as well.

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Jibal Advertising

Unique Ad’s Media

  1. Mobile Telephone Bill Ads
  2. Normal Telephone Bill Ads
  3. Electric Bill Ads
Gulf Industrial Directory on CD ROM

Al Eqtessad Al Khaleeje Magazine

Jibal Marketing Support Programs

Direct Public & Private Section Promotions

Product Test Market & Questionnaire

Samples, Gifts, & Flyers

Jibal General Public Relations

Product Festival & Special Events Organization

Sales Activation Solutions & Programs

Jibal Factory for Envelopes & Computer Forms

Jibal Internet Service Provider

Concept House Advertising


Delmon Co Ltd.

4th Floor, Delmon Tower,

Al Khobar, Dammam

+966 13 857777