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It is the process of rinse out a chemical substance in order to transform into the most possible use from them.

Some Refinery Chemicals the company most have:

Industry Segment Products Dow’s Product
Natural Gas Processing Ethanolamines Alkanolamines: monoethanol amine (MEA), diethanol amine (DEA), triethanol amine (TEA)
Natural Gas Processing Gas Treating Products and Services Specialty Solvents: UCARSOL, MDEA, SELEXOL, UCARKLEAN, DIPA
Natural Gas Conditioning Ethylene Glycols (EG) Triethylene Glycol (TEG), Tetraethylene Glycol (Tetra EG)
Natural Gas Conditioning Propylene Glycols DIPROPYLENE GLYCOL
Refining Chlorinated Solvents & Intermediates Isoform Reforming (ISOFORM REFORMPER DOG) and Isomerization (ISOFORM IG PER DOG) grades (Perchloroethylene)
Compressor Operations Compressor Lubricants UCON LUBES Series
Heat Transfer Fluids Coolants NORKOOL, Ambitrol, Low Temperature PG
Heat Transfer Fluids Hot Oils DOWTHERM AND SYLTHERM Series

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